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My name is Allie, I'm 23, and I live in upstate New York on a small farm with my family and some awesome pets. A sudden and debilitating mental illness changed my life in May 2013, just days after my 21st birthday and my Junior year of college ended. I endured several hospital stays, different diagnosis, and countless medication changes. Throughout my struggles, I realized that I couldn't just sit and watch my life go by; I needed to take control and become proactive.

I began training my psychiatric service dog, Joey, in the beginning of March 2015, and he has helped me get my life back. I started documenting Joey's story and training online, which led me to writing about my own experiences with mental health. In the Fall 2015, I participated in a writing workshop run by the TMI Project that culminated in a public reading of a piece about my battle with mental illness. The experience was life-changing and inspired me to begin sharing my journey and insights about living with a psychiatric disorder. I'm now a mental health blogger and manage social media pages online that deal with different aspects of mental health.

I want to show people what it is really like to live with a psychiatric disorder as a young adult. It's time to end the stigma attached to mental illness and redefine society's opinion on mental health issues.

I'm not a mental health professional, but I'm a mental health warrior.

Please take a look at my newest YouTube video that tells a little more about my life:
Allie's Story

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